Same Tag was an Acting School specialize in Kids and Young Adults, founded in Doral, Florida in 2012 by Television Director Maria E Perera.  In 2020 Same Tag starts working as a Talent Agency in partnership with THE ACTOR ACADEMY also founded by Maria Perera. The Actor Academy is a redesign and improve acting program that born from Sam Tag. 

We believed in training actors from a global perspective. Since then, we've prided ourselves in teaching both production and acting techniques in order to shape well-rounded participants in the television industry.

We trained young talent. We help the actors to see themself as a brand. We provide educational and professional guidance to their families. 

We are part of the whole process, once we trained the actor  we represent them as an agency. Same Tag is the only school in Florida who has more that 25 actors contract by Nickelodeon, Disney , Fox and NBC 

Founder and owner of Same Tag and The Actor Academy. Maria  E Perera graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela with a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1998. She specialized in training and professional development in the University of Miami in the year 2000, and later on Cinema Directing Techniques in the New York Film Academy in 2007.

She has over 36 years of experience in the Television industry with over 28 soap operas, 11 music videos, and five children's sitcoms, all for big networks such as Univision, Telemundo, and Nickelodeon. She worked as a Technical Director in Nickelodeon's Show "Every Witch Way" and as a General Director in Nickelodeon's Show "Tony La Chef", "Talia in the Kitchen" " Vikky RPM." and a a casting advisor in" Club 57".





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Doral FL 33122


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